Here we are in 2018- just a reminder our Fabulous Friday feature band this year will be Hillbilly Goats! Anyone who attends Bony Mountain is totally aware that we do consider you all our family! We love you all for coming & for sharing what we think is our little piece of paradise! And trust me when I say that 2018 will exceed anything we have created for you up until now! We are planning a SLIM DUSTY event which hopefully will include anyone who has loved Slim & his music during his long illustrious career. Our special Guests will be Anne Kirkpatrick- & family- Dianne Lindsay & Peter Simpson- and the entire weekend will be a celebration of the man & his music. We will all pay tribute to Slims dedication & his passion for Australia. I invite each and everyone of you to come along-bring a song and a smile! and we are all gauranteed to have an unforgettable week, a giant bush party. Just for Slim & his wonderful family. More details as we get closer, but there will be some very special moments! All of our artists will be invited to honour Slim in their own way ,including myself! If you have any memorabillia -photo's- from your own collection-please bring along for display!   

More details & photos to go up in the New Year!

Our magnificent (Cape Byron Celtic Dancers) in their beautiful kilts! they are so talented-they make it all look effortless! and will feature again in 2018!

Warwick Pipe Thistle Band Marching in - on Friday night!

Our highlights -too many to cover properly!

Our Ukulele School which ran all week from Tuesday until Sunday. With Mick Angeles- a real talent himself,  & everyone learnt to play so well in that time! All Micks students were onstage on Sunday & did him proud with two encores! they were great! Our doggie parade- wow! where did all the dogs come from! amazing to see so many- long & short-tall & tiny- allsorts! Our big winner was a special kinda collie! I'll have to confirm that with Fran-our Judge & main sponsor. With winner getting a $60 grooming package from Total Grooming in Warwick! Our beautiful talented Cape Byron Dancers- what can I say- they just get better every year! their costumes are magnificent- they are indeed a world class act -and how lucky are we to have them at Bony Mountain every year! I thank Karen & Molly-(PICTURED) who put everything into this group! and it shows!  so many beautiful Dances -so much inspiration! All of our artists were amazing too- Our Bush Balladeers-The Coads-they were outstanding every day! So many people commented they thought it was our best ever- so far! 

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 Currently featuring new album from BRIAN STITT- a Master Songwriter-he is a late starter -but he writes a great song!  JOHN SMITH- featuring his new album -(To an old Stockman) and he does a top version of my song I wrote for RM Williams- (RM) -some good tracks here.  I  just enjoy playing all the music- I love-all the Aussie stuff, so much good stuff out now- from Bushwackers-Slim Dusty- and the great American Songwriters- Johnny Cash-Merle Haggard- Willie Nelson- Nitty Gritty Dirt Band- love all the bluegrass - and some great Balladeers-  Terry Bennetts- Jammo- Jeff Brown- and the exciting bands who really liven things up-  Hillbilly Goats- Murphy's Pigs- and our own John Williamson- still the ultimate  storyteller- make sure you tune in! from 9am -Monday mornings-  Rainbow FM-  www.rainbowfm.org  

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Over the course of thirty years this wonderful Singer/Songwriter has composed some marvelous songs, love songs that are written with honesty and soul! they are real we can all feel the passion & the pain! thats what makes this Lady so special- you need a copy of this album ! it is a wonderful collection that will make you feel the love!  order your copy now- Bony Mountain Music Shop- www.normaoharamurphy.net

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Some of our crowd last year! always a lovely happy bunch.

THE CENTRE PIECE OF OUR FESTIVAL! OUR BIG STAGE- we are all very proud of our staging & lighting ,second to none and very proud of what we have achieved so far!